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Afrique Aya is a group of dancers and drummers dedicated to enjoying and sharing the music and culture of West Africa. Inspired by rhythms and rituals from Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Afrique Aya celebrates the synergy of nature, spirit, movement, and percussion.

In West Africa, dancing and drumming are catalysts, grounded in a rich tradition of story-telling. Through performances and workshops designed to bring people together, Afrique Aya connects with earth-based, lyric movement and music that convey a vibrant, universal narrative.

Afrique Aya offers performances, workshops, and residencies in Northwest Arkansas and throughout the United States. Director Kouakou Yao “Angelo” offers weekly drum and dance classes open to all ages. Angelo also heads up an Afropop dance band, and he leads cultural exchange tours to various West African countries annually.

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